Cowen Blackberry Farms
17 Skyler Lane, Bradford TN
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About Us

Our family's desire has always been to own and operate a family farm.  In 2001, our dream came true when we made our purchase - Cowen Farms located at 17 Skyler Lane, Bradford TN.  For the next nine years, we focused on hay production.  Let us say a great big "THANK YOU" to all of our loyal customers for your support. 


Then, in 2010, we decided to take the leap into BLACKBERRIES.  Why?  Blackberries are a very healthy fruit, Picking Blackberries bring back fun childhood memories, and best of all - Blackberries taste great!  Blackberry cobbler, Blackberry jam, Blackberry ice cream... You name it -- We LOVE 'em all! 


So - you are invited to come for a visit and enjoy our Blackberry farm with us.  Bring the entire family and let me suggest that you come and U-Pick!  Although there will be plenty of fresh Blackberries to purchase,  already picked in quarts and gallons, you will really enjoy walking the rows of thornless Blackberry brambles and selecting your own personal Blackberries.  And - if you eat a few while you are picking -- all's OK with the owners!  We just call that GRAZING!  And besides - we just want you to enjoy the visit and the Blackberries! 



17 Skyler Lane

Bradford TN  38316